Sunday, January 10, 2010

Yet SHE is Unsure.

I decided to entitle this post "Yet SHE is unsure" because I will be making an effort to focus on ones insecurities within themself.

Here I go...

Insecurites come from many things, maybe while growing up one was picked on or one wasn't given the opportunity to fully express themself therefore they dont know who they are. I can come up with many reasons. However She is unsure. Unsure because her she lives a good life, loving family, and friends who care much about her. However they don't know her deepest pain, deepest feelings which causes her to be unsure. Have you ever been sure yet you are unsure? There come a point in our life when we grow many people, run into many obstacles and sometimes we fall yet getting up. Yet at times when meeting people, they can be a brick wall..a brick wall blocking sight of who you really are. This brick wall stands in front of her, not recognizing her for the beautiful young woman she is. Yet the wall stands there and over looks her. Causing her to question herself. She begin to point out all her flaws she feels that are not perfect. She question herself as a young women. Rather than celebrating herself, flaws and all. She fail to realize God makes no mistakes. NO MISTAKES!!! Yet she is confident she is not in some areas of her life. Feeling as if she need confirmation of the wordld. Even though she is beautiful inside out, and have a heart of gold. Her insecurities makes her unsure. Unsure of the fact of herself being apealing to his eye. Forget his eye, does she know she is apealing to God eyes? Unsure of the fact of herself not knowing what fits her best. Her physical features become a misconception to her. Her brain and wits are still there, not gone. Her mind plays tricks, tells her things that are not true.

Yet SHE is unsure.

When one begin to embrace their own mystery and begin to capture life possiblilites all will begin to fall in place. The same with one who struggle with their insecurities. I know we all battle with something in our life, even if it's not a physical aspect, we all struggle! We all wonder who is looking, why their looking, what their thinking etc...We will never know. There will always be someone who is better, smarter, prettier, than you and I. Way of life, we are not perfect. Yet God created us in the image of Him. And when he created us, he knew very well knew how our physical features will be, our characteristics and so on...So why the insecurities? I know why. Insecurities come because we are unsure, they come because people in the world dont know how to accept one for who they are, what they look like. Some people just dont know true beauty. And if one is truely beautiful and they dont embrace it, it leaves them in a world of "unknowingness." Not knowing how to embrace yourself as an indvivdual. You as an indvivdual come with a lot from your race, background, politics...If one just embrace every fragment about their self and focus in on their life issues one may not struggle as bad. I know I am not perfect and I struggle with much, however I've taught myself to embrace my life mystery. I know my King, My father, My god set me free from trying to fit in the world that easily grabs holds and twists my/your identity. But I believe God can deliver me from the temptation to let others shape my identity and from my desire to please others around me. "I will give thanks to you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; wonderful are your works and soul knows it well." -Psalm 139:14

Yet SHE is unsure.

She is unsure because she allow the world to grab hold of her identity. Speaking of SHE...I speak for all men and women. For all who are struggling. I pray: The King Help You and I find our identity in Him. Set us free. For we dont want to be molded any longer by man made idols and human values. We want you to fashion our character and make all a reflection of you.

Walk with your head held high chest out!


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