Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I'm An Orange Moon Going Through.

I am an orange moon shining bright going through. Through life many opportunites, and difficulties. Surrounded by the sound of confusion. Evolving to a caterostapoc illusion because of my failure to realize what may be right in front of me. The lack of self knowledge mixed with a dry reality of the opposite. Stirring the mir feeling of thoughts and emotions of "self pity, lust" together, I become trapped, stuck, alone, in a deep hole. Only hoping I can find my way out, hoping I will see a light which will guide me to safety away from the opposite. Oh how I wish I can explain "How good it Is" yet I ponder...think to self "Is it Really?" Again...My mind plays tricks, tell me I am am Orange Moon simply just going through. I will get over it. I will find the right opposite. I just have to go through test, test my strenght...The spiritual mind (body and soul) and intellect mind, sometimes over looked because of physical attraction. Physical attraction being a trap! Getting you locked in, strapped down, straight to the point. "I rather read your mind, I want to know your thoughts." The opposite care more about the intellect. so they say. While in reality "I rather have your hips,legs, and thighs." Physical attraction can be a distraction. Yet I am an orange moon simply going through. Seem as if I was bright but lost my brightness. Still praising and giving thanks. But "Oh how good it is." yet I ponder...think to self "Is it Really." Is it? Friends have they opinions, their comments. They made and are making mistakes just as I am. They fall and are falling just as I am. The only difference I get up and Don't turn back to the temptation. Or do I? How do one stay away from which tempts you? Do you cut it off completely? I must continue to smile through it all. Smile about the past and smile about what is yet to come. Metropolis Thoughtz(s). Dreams all dreams, I dream I can fly away to place far away from all! However it will never happen, I dont have wings. I want my soul to be free to express. To bad I didnt grow up on the whiter side of town. I dont want no one in my dreams, "joy control." Feelings. Memories. Emotions. Thoughts. Love. Lust. Programs. Men. Women. Slaves. Hearts. Eyes. Legs. Thighs. Sex. Complex. Confusion. Friends. Dreams. Control. Cloud 9. Moons. Failure. Mistakes. I am an Orange moon simply going through, covered by the grace of God. Who forever is keeping me. Through a struggle which I never had to go through. I now know without a struggle there will be know progress. Thank you God for my struggle. I am a better person because of my struggle. "Joy Control." It is a common thought that being a human we are prone to sin, prone to make mistake, prone to go through a storm, a test. However with all we go through God is there to carry us through, just as he calm the sea when on the boat with his disciples. If we continue to live right and continue to line our lives up with the word of God all things will fall into account. "All things work for those who love the Lord." Apples, oranges, sticks will be thrown yet will we will make it through. However I am an Orange moon simply going through, I will make it. I will make it pass the opposite, pass the temptation...I am a conqeuor! And i can do all things through Christ Jesus who strenghtens me!

I was inspired by Erykah Badu: Orange Moon and Janelle Monae: Metroplosis.

Be Blessed

Saturday, December 26, 2009

I feel like I can make it.

The storm is over. Gosh! What a Christmas. Hopefully All enjoyed theirs just as I did. Now preparing to end the YEAR with a BANG!!!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Admirable Love

I LOVE a man in a Bow Tie! Just as Nas. So hot, any man who rocks bow ties the right way are okay with me. Bow Ties stand for so much, to me it's not just a fashion but it stands for quality.You must have a certain quality about yourself to ROCK a Bow Tie. If you are into Bow Ties and have a certain PUSH about youself, collect them and ROCK them. There wonderful. Shout out to all the men who wear them.

Love to SHOP...Shop when stressed out! Journeying through life and while in college I have become a frequent customer of BANANA REPUBLIC! I so LOVE that store. I love the conservative feel. Stylish! You can not go wrong with BR. Suppport BR.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

New Followers


speak on it

i must say i am not big on heels
but when i see a good pair i adore i just want to pull my atm card out and swipe away.
right? pretty sure you ladies do to! i love j.lo!
she has an amazing line i adore.
fall, spring, and summer line.
i really don't see a lot of young women wearing her line, however i support her.
she is a brilliant latino woman.
not only can she sing, dance, act!
her sense of style is FAB!!!
i adore her to the fullest.

this is an ad for her footwear i came across.
she really have a great line of footwear.
very elegant.
club going, if you a club go'er.
"dont let the shoe make you, you make the shoe."

inspirations + random rantz

janelle monae.
fashionist at heart.
she dance like james brown and
all the motown performers.
she is complex.

erykah badu.inspiration.
creative motivator.
i wish i could shop in closet.
power, strenght, and courage.
she be erykah badu.


big metropolis wors. thoughts.
outkast. lied on. complex. gossip.
thugs. sex. love. hate. courage.
complex. pretty. punk. attitude.
complex. different. swirls. deep.
complex. knowledge. complex.