Friday, February 26, 2010

peace to all who is reading.
Daily i fall yet i am quick to pick myself back up. Life teaches us many lessons and place us with many responsibilities. Bless us with familiar folk and unfamiliar folk. Each day give me strenght to better myself and empower myself for what faces me NEXT. Again i fall yet i am quick to pick myself up. Young black gifted college student loving and appreciating every experience i have experienced. Exploring and liberating minds as mine is being liberated. I am at peace with self, yet still seeking a Greater PEACE. However i fall yet i am quick to pick myself back up. I am here to leave an impact, here to show many that LIFE is what you make it. take it how it is or take what you can get and run with it. ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE! I strive for...even though i may fall i am quick to pick myself up again and achieve EXCELLENCE and become GREATNESS and build upon my QUEENDOM. Live, love, laugh and grow; to empower self.

Peace love & Jah

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Creations by me.

My mother and my auntie was the inspiration of this pieace i do adore.

I find joy in making pieces which reflects my family and friends.

Love. Peace. And jah.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

erkah badu concert.

My Dears...
so i attended the erykah badu concert and it was
off the chain. i really enjoyed myself. this lady is
so inspiring to me. HIP-HOP is bigger than religion HIP-HIP!
she spoke about life, she is such a real woman.
real calm, smooth and collective.
i really really really do love this woman!
she is an moon!
political yet outspoken.
peace to her.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Black Women Rise.

Black Women.
A Threat.
Black Women.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeling Special About This.

James Stewart #7 He is the first African American have success at the very top level of any major motorsports association.
He is Gifted. And I am pretty sure Blessed.
I feel special about this and the special "other."
Hint. Read between the lines.
Be encourage.
Be on the look out for my creations coming soon! "Blakshe designed with you in mind."

Update to Yah

peace ya'll.
I have been missing, and honestly just been doing a lot of thinking. I am so ready for Feb 19, 2010. Erykah Badu concert! Whew! Also...I am trying to be creative and inovative with creating jewelry! Soon to be posted! Be on the look out. I am on a new kick. Someone special is in my life. giving another chance, so I am staying focus praying for him and I to blossom. We shall see where this go! Wish me manyblessings. Musiq Soulchild + Motocross = Not the avaerage I may look at.
Follow me and comment.
Be encouraged & Blessed.