Saturday, March 27, 2010

i am a queen

i am a queen
who will be my king
i am a woman
strong, tall, difted and bold
not to walk behind man but beside him
i am a queen
who will be my king
passionate, sensitive, and spiritual
ready to care for a divine black king
he and i inheritence will be plenty
gems, diamonds, wealth and land
family and friends
i am a quuen
who will be my king
intellectual, political, and outspoken
ambitious and driven
able to care for a family
capitivating joy in his family
i am a queen
who will be my king
who will satisify me during a paris night
caress me during an early new york morning
transfering a simple mind into a complex mind only to become one
finding deep possiblities of treasures together
only to build our pride rock
i am a queen
who will be my king
by ericka duke
Falling for my friend
My intentions from the beginnings were honorable you see, All I wanted to be was your friend, to be in your company. As time passed my feelings transformed and like evolved into love, And now I kneel praying for forgiveness from the one up above.
I can't lose our friendship; it means more to me than life But selfishly I know this will cause a lot of pain and strife. I know it's a delusion but I am holding it close to my heart And that's where it will stay forever to ensure we will never be apart.
A day might arise when I must make a declaration of guilt This day we will be able to share all the memories we have built, Not knowing what the future holds or if this is even a probability That one day our love will stand tall without instability
Written by BJ Binning

Sunday, March 21, 2010

beach. inspiration. motivation.

Spring Time Is Here

Spring time is here, sun and beautiful faces. Inspiration spark my mind as I began to create my first actual line of jewelry which will be apart of my opening to my online store. I am excited about!

Bold colors, pinks, greens, blues. Pieces you've never seen before meets the eye of many. Creations from the Heart inspired by God, Nature, Africa, and Self! Passion behind each piece.

Spring time is here. I am excited as a college student to explore the journey of marketing and networking amongst Kings and Queens to gain greater knowledge of the designing business/world of peace.

Stay encouraged.

More to come...

Thursday, March 4, 2010

so I am up on a late night, attempting to study for my Business Management class. However it is not working out! So much is going through my mind right now. Friday March 5, 2010 I leave to Mississippi.
"Habitat for Humanity" I am excited and it bring my heart joy to know i am able to make other laugh and comfort them...