Sunday, January 17, 2010

Natural Disater: Haiti, Prayers & Donations.

Wylclef Jean a Native, musician, humanitarian of Haiti has a Relief Effort which focues on rebuilding the country and providing community service programs.The "Yele Organization" founded in 2005.

Hopefully all are aware of the sad tragedy which struck Haiti Jan 12, 2010: "The Massive Earthquake." This earthquake happens to be one of the worst earthquakes. Taking the lives of many and destroying the capitol. Our people of Haiti are left with nothing. No food, water, and are in desperate need of medical attention.
Haiti being of African decent speaking creole and french and the poorest country in the region (Western Hemisphere) many people live in poverty. Already lacking the neccessities one may need to survive.
Because of this horrible natural disaster I find it is in one's best interest to be a blessing and do what one may be able to do to have an impact on the people of Haiti. Many people look over situations just as this, and when it is not in the media no more one may think their struggle is over. Haiti has been struggling as a country for years, and sending troops over is not enough.

If one can have enough FAITH size of a mustard seed. Haiti can be free, and they can have HOPE again. So if you are not sure of any organizations and relief efforts, I have posted a couple on the blog.

I am praying and doing all I can and will be making donations to legitimate relief efforts. I ask and pray that God touches your heart and lead you in a way to help. Because this can be us here in America.
God is Love! -1 John 4:19

Beautiful, Wonderful, Brown Skin Children.


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