Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Life is everything i breathe, the up's and downs. the good and bad. as a good friend of mine once describe me he is "peacock happy and lion proud" to know me. i am peacock happy and lion proud to have the wonderful opportunities which arise in my life. knowing that i am a strong young optimistic african american woman living in america only to help better the society. i pray and hope God bless me with all i need to continue in my success from school, work, family, friends. dreams are also apart of life, in addition i want to make my dreams reality. zuri peaces is on the roll, i pray and ask god for favor. only to broaden my horizons. to sum everything up, life is what you make it. you must dream big if you want big things. dream small...well what is the point of dreaming if you dream small for your life!

"sacrifice, patience, swallowing pride, focus, learning new habits, self analyzing, growth, directing energy, the unexamined life is worthless, tiring."

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