Sunday, December 20, 2009

speak on it

i must say i am not big on heels
but when i see a good pair i adore i just want to pull my atm card out and swipe away.
right? pretty sure you ladies do to! i love j.lo!
she has an amazing line i adore.
fall, spring, and summer line.
i really don't see a lot of young women wearing her line, however i support her.
she is a brilliant latino woman.
not only can she sing, dance, act!
her sense of style is FAB!!!
i adore her to the fullest.

this is an ad for her footwear i came across.
she really have a great line of footwear.
very elegant.
club going, if you a club go'er.
"dont let the shoe make you, you make the shoe."

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  1. My Dears, I forgot to post the J.Lo Ad. I will Post Soon.