Thursday, April 7, 2011

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Septum Ring.

Shanf Hebrew for "Nose Ring"

Why did I get this?

Hmmm. Well minus it being a trend. I decided to take a risk while digging deep into my hertiage. One may say she is staying connected to her roots while others will say I am just rebellious. The septum ring is much more than a style, the hippest trend out to me. The purpose behind my intrusive decision: mainly to feel apart of a culture I am embracing and identify with. The history of the septum ring connects to my line of history (Unapologetically African).


Long Time

Peace to everyone. It has been a long time and I am peackock happy and lion proud to be back up blogging. So much has changed drasically in my lfe. I'm ready to take on the new, and finish college. Definitly been journeying through life, gaining essential skills to equip me while also building me up. There are many aspects in life I have grasp hold to and many aspects I have tossed out. Trips, turns, right to left, up and down, all around. I feel extremely vibrant, great, JUBILANT. God has blessed me and I am taking my blessing and using it for his glory. Updates Updates Updates... Locs are beauitful. Lewelry line will be featured soon! Single, loving it! I think am! Third year college student, striving to get my business up and running! Oh... I still love my JESUS!