Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Im Back

I am Back...
Life is full of art.
I must say, I am preparing to return to the BAY AREA.
Oakland, CA.
I am ready for my junior year of college and the many challenges.
My 20th birthday is around the corner.
I am expecting new life changing thing.
I pray and hope GOD gives me innovative ideas.
Creating wonders of beautiful art, jewelry and posting it up on my online store soon. God is able to do all things. So I can not wait to get this going.
I've been lazy...but I need to get on my grind.
A sista wants to do charity and help out & SHOP!
Pray for me people as I pray for ya'll.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Event: Black Women Expressing

Black Women Expressing is a panelist discussion about Black Women and their experiences with Black Men. It is a discussion to address any concerns that Black Men may have when being in relationships and their interactions with Black Women. The event will be held at Underground Books at 6pm and it will be a $3.00 admission fee. The mission for this event is to bring about discussion of relationships within the Black community.

Where: Sacramento, Ca

All Sac Town Chics come out and Suppot, even if your not a Sac Town chic COME OUT!!!

**Possibility I may be featuring my Jewelry line (Zuri Peaces)

black beauty

south africa
world cup special.
alek wek on the issue/cover of ARISE.
i am loving south african fashion.
love to view the latest collections.

check out: http://www.fashionafrica.com


Peace Ya'll ...

I've been pretty busy on other things, had put zuri to the side. However I am back up and rolling ready to get things rolling as well. Especially with my online etsy store.

"Ocean Blue Swirl"
Hit me at blakshe@gmail.com